I love life hacks

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I surely do and they are freaking awesome. There are so many small changes one can do in order to improve your life for the better. Small changes that has big effects are my favorite. Like if I am doing something and it’s really annoying how much time it consumes I like to try and find other ways to ease the workload and make me more productive. Or at least give me more hours in front of the computer or other things like watching a 30 minute episode of my favorite series The walking dead or game of thrones which is soon airing soon for its 6th season. Almost can’t wait anymore!

Example of cleaning the oven

DIRTY!These are small things that I rather be doing than cleaning the house for example. As the young man I am, I do not often clean the oven… I do not think many bachelors do that too often. But compared to most bachelors I actually use mine pretty often since I do not own a microwave this is the number one heating spot when it comes to re-heating food. And if you use it as I do without care it gets damn dirty and the grease really gets stuck like hell. Almost impossible to get clean

So I figured out a way to make it clean with minimal effort from myself. I used dads sander which is one of those that spins not the back and forth type. And added some steel wool onto the place where there should be a sandpaper and turned it on. The results were amazing, in no more than 10 minutes the oven were cleaner than when I moved in and it works just as good on the grill grate also. I probably saved hours by doing it this way and now I can’t really understand how people cannot have one of these tools within their kitchen. I went down to the hardware store asap and bought myself a cheap one and will probably use it on everything that’s really dirty now.


You see how these small hacks change life

The rest of the night I spent watching series and writing some work for school, sadly I haven’t come up with a good way to decrease workload on that frontier too much… But hopefully i can get some nice tips from you guys!

Here are a few other lifehacks

Dorm room or apartment smelling bad after a party? Well tape a dryer sheet over the AC unit and just flick the switch and you’ll notice a difference instantly.

  • Actually used this one myself and it does work really good.

This might not be my cup of tee as I rarely iron anything but even so it’s a really good tip. Turn your shirts inside out while ironing so that you do not have to go around the buttons.

  • Great thing to do and I will definitely do it on those rare occasions when I actually iron my shirts.

A given tip which I’ve been using for years now is to put a newspaper in the bottom of your trash bag in order for it to absorb food juice.

  • Food juice always seems to find its way out and there are always a small hole in the bottom of your bag even if you checked it twice so this is a given hack to reduce your labor.

And my favorite, wrap a wet paper towel around your beer and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It’ll be completely cool and ready for intake.

  • Haha, you can probably guess that this has been used a few times over the years… Those hot days when you get home and want to start drinking asap, this is the way to go! Cool beer or whatever you drink in no time.

That’s just a few of my personal favorites, but I have to say the oven which I came up with on my own was one of my happiest days and that I’ve never even thought of it before surprises me. Others I have to give credit to lifehack.org for since at least a few of them came from their site and I read it regularly.


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We just ordered a new fancy gadget!

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We just ordered a new gadget, another one with a gazillion different names like one wheeled hoverboard or self-balancing skateboard or whatever they’re called. Who come up with these freaking hard to write and remember names and you would think these companies should have a sit down and discuss what they’re new balance devices should be called. As an end customer its confusing and really hard to remember what to call them as everyone seems to have their own idea for a product name.

Anyway they’re first announced by a company called hoverboard which didn’t really get to keep their name alone as most people are now calling the 2 wheeled devices hoverboards which we wrote about and tested in an earlier article. Even though they’re sticking with the name but most of the early rip-offs are named skateboards instead and in my opinion that is a more fitting name. These rip-offs are what we’ve ordered from Aliexpress and I sure hope they are fun and that this is money well spent as they cost upwards 500-600$ even for a rip-off that’s a high price. Anyway, we just wanted to give you a heads up that we will soon be testing these out in order to provide you with some decent information about them and our honest thoughts of course.


our new toyBut if you’re after the real deal I think you can pre-order the original from hoverboard.com or if they’re already sold out I don’t really know but I read about them there about half a year ago and they were taking pre-orders by then so it wouldn’t come as a surprise. The ones we ordered doesn’t even have a speed close to theirs but for 3 men on a budget this had to do.

Stay tuned for more information on these fantastic new self-balancing products which is surfacing one after the other and we hope to test them all!

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We tested riding a hoverboard to school.

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As the headline tells you I did a little test last week! As you who know me (Leo writing) might already know I love making these small in life changes to see if I can in anyway change my life to the better with just small tweaks and gadgets. So I thought going to school could be a lot more fun than me stuck in traffic for 30 minutes every morning even though my school is about a 30 minute walk away.

Yes, it takes the same amount of time for me to walk to there as it does for me taking a bus. But, again you who know me also know this isn’t an option. I love my commute to work but it often ends up in me starting the day angry because some people obviously found their driver license in a box of serials and there is this particular bus driver who feels the need to deliver people late to work/school or wherever they are going.

Thoughts about different ways to get to work (except for walking)

So I thought of ways to break this habit and I first asked my friends Keithers about me taking his electric kick scooter for a week. He just laughed and told me no way and that I would break it. He has literally been all over the place trying to get us all to budge for the hoverboard era since he bought one. This was nothing I’ve been thinking of doing but then he showed me an article on business insider about a guy who had been riding a hoverboard to and literally at the office for about a weeks’ time. So after a long silent consideration I finally budged. He had found a great site through that article for finding the best hoverboard and they had a great hoverboard that fit nicely within my budget.

Breaking a bad/good habit

The first step was obviously to order the damn thing and then wait for it to be delivered. I started mapping out a route that seemed nice and that I knew had good pavements. I did consider every angle of this in order to reduce time, but mostly I did it to try and find the safest way for me to get there without getting hit by a car or driving off and into the street. Since it took forever to get the darn thing delivered I had some spare time to map this out.

The day D – Hoverboarding to school

So I got the hoverboard and thought I’d start going to school on it the day after. (This was before I had even tested it out).

Well it seems that the confidence I had in me pulling this off might have been a little bit too high. I could barely get myself upon it and I cursed at that thing like I’ve never cursed something before. But after a while I started to get the hang of it and after about an hour I dared to take it out and test it outside our house. It ended up with me flat on my back, no serious injuries however. After 2-3 hours I felt confident in me pulling this off again and it literally took me about an hour indoors to get the hang of it (and about 20 of those minutes was to get myself mounted, ha).  With those 2-3 hours outside, I would say I was ready for my first school run in about 4 hours of riding which is a pretty fast learning curve if you’re me. A guy with no sense for balance at all, I have a hard time walking on a 4 inch fence without falling off.


The commute

So the commute to school was a blast, I have never had so much fun going to school. Even though school itself wasn’t a lot funnier the breaks were. People looked at me as if I were crazy riding around on that thing that early in the morning. Might have something to do with me, but kids were laughing and pointing fingers. Haven’t parents told them that it’s bad to point fingers? I have even influenced a few people into the hoverboard era and I suspect that within a few weeks there will be at least 4 of us going to school this way. Perhaps we should suggest that they build out a hoverboardpool lane.


How fun was it on a scale 1-5?

Well I would definitely give it a 5, since Keithers already had one we have been going on them to school together and I think Johnny is feeling a bit left out right now. He’s working hard every spare time he has now to afford to buy one so that he doesn’t have to pedal so fast on his bike only to keep up with us. The only one coming to school totally soaked with sweat must be Johnny, haha. But we’re having a blast commenting him about it and how slow he is biking.

Would we recommend this way of going to school

Hell yeah! This is definitely the most fun I have had going to/in school in a long time. Yeah we did use them in school and for now it doesn’t seem to upset anyone but let’s get back to that in a week or two and there will probably be signs all over the place. I heard a few Universities like Harvard, Yale and Columbia along with many others already have been banning hoverboards from their university halls, housing properties and other university buildings. I can understand why, but as long as mine doesn’t do it I’m a happy camper!

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Moving at a steady phase in pure balance

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Finding great ways of movement. As always future is knocking on our door and new vehicles are popping up everywhere. There’s one wheeled motorcycles which uses some sort of new futuristic technology and with it they seem to be able to balance all by themselves.

This new technology isn’t actually as new as one might think. This technology has been implemented in a lot of different things. We wanted to walk you through some of them just to give you a little more information about the subject.

Here are 5 strange self-balancing devices we could find


First, Anyone up for a cup of tea?

Just drop that ordinary table of yours at the local scrapyard, it’s time for a new one! This self-balancing table will hold your balance on two wheels while you’re having that delicious cup of coffee or perhaps a night sandwich. Whatever you’re having it’ll balance it upon that small table top.
Does it go all the way to the kitchen and make you that cup or sandwich, not quite yet I’m afraid.

While it won’t make your sandwich it is remotely controlled so if someone is in the kitchen with a readymade sandwich you might as well get it from the comfort of your sofa.


Two, Hovering wheelchairs?


Well if they can call those boards with two wheels hoverboards you might just as well call this a hovering wheelchair. It’s actually not hovering per se, but it does the job. It does have 4 wheels but they are not placed as they are used to on an ordinary wheelchair. No these are placed upon each other only for the sake of turning the wheelchair left or right.


Three, The eniCycle one wheeled scooter

About now you might have seen those unicycles which you can stand on. But here’s another crazy self-balancing device, the eniCycle. It’s pretty much like a scooter but with one less wheel making it a unicycle. But you won’t have to stand on this one. This one will have you comfortably seated while riding it. It is powered by a 1000w electric engine and it is built to run for 3 hours or 30 miles whichever comes first. And you’ll be fully learned within 30 minutes. See/read more about how it works here!


Four, The future of training wheels



The old annoying training wheels era has come to an end. No more annoying sounds or bolts to try and fit onto your bike. The gyrobike will keep your kid balanced all the way. A few things to consider however, when they go on a regular bike won’t that disrupt the whole thing. They never learned to balance on their own so they’ve probably need to use a gyrobike for the rest of their life. Might have been the creator’s idea. Don’t make it easier make them addicted, we all know the old saying; You can’t learn an old dog to sit.


Five, Ryno one wheeled bike

This Ryno electric one wheeled motorcycle will take you by storm. Who needs a garage anyway? With this one you can easily stuff it inside a closet and you’ve saved a few bucks a month and I would guess that the insurance company will give you a much better insurance deal!

For 25.000$ this baby can be yours and it has a great gyro self-balancing technology, it will go for 30 miles on an end. These will most likely only be exclusively hand built devices so if you feel that you have a n extra 25 grand to put into something special this one might just be the thing for you.


As you can see there are endless capabilities for the self-balancing/gyro technology and we think this is the beginning of a new era. It might take it a while to go off but when it does you’ll be happy it did because this will be a lifesaving technology to be used in various fields. You can read more about the self-balancing gyro technology at TechCrunch.com and make sure you keep yourself updated here at D3futbol!


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