Moving at a steady phase in pure balance

Finding great ways of movement. As always future is knocking on our door and new vehicles are popping up everywhere. There’s one wheeled motorcycles which uses some sort of new futuristic technology and with it they seem to be able to balance all by themselves.

This new technology isn’t actually as new as one might think. This technology has been implemented in a lot of different things. We wanted to walk you through some of them just to give you a little more information about the subject.

Here are 5 strange self-balancing devices we could find


First, Anyone up for a cup of tea?

Just drop that ordinary table of yours at the local scrapyard, it’s time for a new one! This self-balancing table will hold your balance on two wheels while you’re having that delicious cup of coffee or perhaps a night sandwich. Whatever you’re having it’ll balance it upon that small table top.
Does it go all the way to the kitchen and make you that cup or sandwich, not quite yet I’m afraid.

While it won’t make your sandwich it is remotely controlled so if someone is in the kitchen with a readymade sandwich you might as well get it from the comfort of your sofa.


Two, Hovering wheelchairs?


Well if they can call those boards with two wheels hoverboards you might just as well call this a hovering wheelchair. It’s actually not hovering per se, but it does the job. It does have 4 wheels but they are not placed as they are used to on an ordinary wheelchair. No these are placed upon each other only for the sake of turning the wheelchair left or right.


Three, The eniCycle one wheeled scooter

About now you might have seen those unicycles which you can stand on. But here’s another crazy self-balancing device, the eniCycle. It’s pretty much like a scooter but with one less wheel making it a unicycle. But you won’t have to stand on this one. This one will have you comfortably seated while riding it. It is powered by a 1000w electric engine and it is built to run for 3 hours or 30 miles whichever comes first. And you’ll be fully learned within 30 minutes. See/read more about how it works here!


Four, The future of training wheels



The old annoying training wheels era has come to an end. No more annoying sounds or bolts to try and fit onto your bike. The gyrobike will keep your kid balanced all the way. A few things to consider however, when they go on a regular bike won’t that disrupt the whole thing. They never learned to balance on their own so they’ve probably need to use a gyrobike for the rest of their life. Might have been the creator’s idea. Don’t make it easier make them addicted, we all know the old saying; You can’t learn an old dog to sit.


Five, Ryno one wheeled bike

This Ryno electric one wheeled motorcycle will take you by storm. Who needs a garage anyway? With this one you can easily stuff it inside a closet and you’ve saved a few bucks a month and I would guess that the insurance company will give you a much better insurance deal!

For 25.000$ this baby can be yours and it has a great gyro self-balancing technology, it will go for 30 miles on an end. These will most likely only be exclusively hand built devices so if you feel that you have a n extra 25 grand to put into something special this one might just be the thing for you.


As you can see there are endless capabilities for the self-balancing/gyro technology and we think this is the beginning of a new era. It might take it a while to go off but when it does you’ll be happy it did because this will be a lifesaving technology to be used in various fields. You can read more about the self-balancing gyro technology at and make sure you keep yourself updated here at D3futbol!